Custom Murals

Customizable murals for your business showroom, store display or waiting room.

Custom Murals

We can produce just about any size mural you can dream of however, the width needs to be a multiple of 18″ (45cm), which is our printing width. For instance, if you need a 10 feet (3m) wide mural, we will leave the last 6 inches (15cm) of the last strip blank but we will charge you for 10.5’ feet (3,20m), which is a multiple of 18″ (45cm).
The height of the mural is more flexible
For best results we need to go by the same width to height ratio as the original picture. If not, we will have to cut, compress or stretch the image.

* Custom made wallpaper murals are not returnable.


Murals from your images or stock

Pre-pasted wallpaper murals are dry strippable and reusable.

 * When one coat of B-I-N (shellac sealer sold everywhere), is applied your mural is ready to install in one hour. When you want to remove it, 5, 8 or 15 years from now, pull the strips from the bottom up (no water, no steamer) and you will be able to reinstall it without any additional paste.

Add a Unique Touch to Your Space

  • Waiting Rooms
  • Store Walls
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Shops
  • Installation included
  • Washable

The “wow” effect of the wall mural … it’s much more than wallpaper!

Contact us for more details and have the exact price of your mural. 

numerous other options available

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